Future Leap empowers your next mission towards success. From ideating your go-to-market strategy to building your core team, our leadership has unmatched solutions to take your business to the next level. We got your back!

Staffing & Recruitment Solutions

The core strength of Future Leap is vested in Human Resource management, be it recruiting your next gamechanger in your team, or staffing talents to work on your projects. Our team of HR consultants, executives, managers, demand aggregation experts, and industry-leading headhunters are always in line to support your recruitment processes and match the right candidates based on the requirements. We do not just pool the matching candidates and shower you with resumes; instead, our talented IT and non-IT recruiters conduct thorough background research, position-based interviews and machine tests to make sure you are getting served in the right way.

Our approach towards hiring and staffing is what makes us stand apart from even the established recruiters in town. Apart from industry-standard pooling and headhunting procedures, we traverse through out-of-the-box ways to get you the best brains to fill your requirements. Some of our popular, established methodologies include:

  1. Job Fair or Career Fairs: Job Fairs have always been a good source of talents including freshers as well as experienced aspirants, from various industries. Mass recruitments always benefit from such career fairs conducted physically as well as virtually through proven, unique methodologies. Job Fair Plus, a sophisticated SaaS platform developed by Future Leap exclusively for smooth conducting of job fairs is gaining popularity among job seekers. The core team of Future Leap is well-experienced and established in organising a series of massive, successful job fairs for the past 7+ years joining hands with Government of Kerala and its beneficiary organisations. Our latest flagship projects include conducting all two seasons job fairs across Kerala for the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission piloted by Government of Kerala.
  2. Hackathons, Ideathons, Bootcamps, Datathons, etc.: The right way to find the right talents is to test each of them against real-life scenarios, and that’s what we have been doing with Hackathons, Ideathons, Bootcamps, and more talent-hunting competitions. From problem solving ability to coding skills, from hardware familiarity to heavy mechanical skills, we design hackathons to put the talented-brains through the test cases and monitor them live. Blink no eye, you will find your next teammate there.
  3. Headhunting Shows: We are the designers and creators of India’s first headhunting reality show. Get your organisation listed in the show and get the best talents in the nation on the floor and hire for your top executive positions.

Print, Media, Events

Future Leap is your destination to take your product into the market and reach out to a wider audience. From digital marketing to out-of-home advertising, from content marketing to event marketing, we have solutions for all your marketing, advertising, media, or event requirements.

  1. Advertising: From defining the target audience for the proposed events, programme, or content, we will run campaigns on point and relevant. Segmentation and prioritisation of the market and audience will help the content/programmes reach a wider, yet interested audience seamlessly. All advertisement requirements, including media planning, buying, and implementation, radio campaigns, out-of-home advertising, and promotional merchandise. We promise timely delivery and results with our strong in-house team for content planning, copywriting, and content production..
  2. Media: Got a media requirement? Trust us with on-demand, end-to-end video production, photography, marketing content, and SEO content writing. All aspects of media production including planning, concept building, storyboarding, and shooting the video content for your organisation – all under one roof. Our portfolio of content production experience is expanded over corporate videos, product showcases, presentations, event after-movies, documentaries, and short films.
  3. Events: Develop, manage and execute master event plans and timeline; delegate tasks, evaluate, analyse and report results for the event. Our area of expertise and interest includes event marketing, campaign management, pre-event/on-site registration, oversee event facilitation, and event documentation. Be it a corporate event, educational event, conference, product launch, expo, or exhibition, Future Leap has your back..

Training and Team Building

Industrial training, workshops, seminars, and corporate learning development programmes at scale with the utmost quality to step up your workforce deliverable quality.

  1. Skill Training: Getting industry-ready to land your dream job? Want to enable your students to face the job market in 2023? Preparing your employees for another industrial revolution? We have all-out solutions to provide tailored skill training programmes in various industries for numerous topics, technologies, techniques, or methodologies.
  2. Capacity Building Trainings: We identify the skill gap in your workforce and conduct extensive capacity building training sessions for your employees. Whether it is about introducing a new tool for a smooth day-to-day operation, or pivoting your entire workforce into a new technology, Future Leap’s advanced learning methods and workshop sessions will enable a smooth transition for the whole team.
  3. Workshops: Intensive learning in any area is enabled through workshops which allow the participants to have a thorough theoretical and hands-on knowledge in any area. We are the masters of workshops, from Higher Educational Institutes to Corporate Business Workshops for employees.
  4. Seminars: The charm of academics have always amused us so did the values seminars bring out to the society. Our team consisting of event experts and academicians join hands to help you organise your next academic or corporate seminar. Sit back and relax! We take care of every aspect including but not limited to topics, content, guests selection, venue arrangements, and event coordination.
  5. Team Building Activities: Like you, it is our dream to make every workplace interesting and fun for everyone who works together. Our team building activities and offsite packages help you build a healthy, productive, and effective team who are happy to work together.


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IT Services & Products

Future Leap is your IT/ITeS partner to develop websites, web apps, native mobile and desktop applications, and more using latest, compatible technologies. We follow sophisticated methodologies . Our developers work hand-in-hand, day and night to build your dreams with zeros and ones.